Saturday, September 20, 2008

Welcome to Sucksville: The Mostly Useless Rotting America Podcast (Now with 33% More Less!!)

Rotting Audio Sound Recordings - The Podcast

Podcast #2 (Shaft enlargement at a fraction of the price) (29'10")
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  • August 20, 2008
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Z-Phantom 4 - Laying Down The Law
... - D. Davis

Inhale - 10.11.90
I recorded the guitar and bass for this around 1993 or so. It was the second or third song I ever "wrote" and was originally intended for the band that Jeff Bellew, Dan Woodward, and I started ("Mean Mr. Mustard" or "The Dave Remus Love Removal Machine") which eventually morphed into Nevergreen (sans Woodward). The lyrics are adapted from a short story I wrote that was a bit darker and certainly more "metal". For instance, aside from namechecking several metal bands and quoting AC/DC lyrics, the original story refers to eternal hellfire rather than "colors". See, told you. While working on the second Inhale CD, I gave the lyrics and music to co-worker Beth Reiland. I envisioned her reciting the words over the music, but she came back with an actual melody and turned this into the first and only Inhale folk song. And now a couple of words about the title: wake up. - V. Hernandez

The Sirago 17 - I Don't Know
A never quite finished instrumental recorded in August of 1994. Open tuned acoustic guitar. I particularly like what's going on with the bass at a few points. This was obviously before I started "learning" how to play, since I'm doing something other than your standard blues scales. I think there's even a seventh in there. Or is that a ninth...? I wish I had finished the lyrics, as I think there's a nice little tune here. - C. Reid

I Am Not The Janitor - Fly
Recorded live at one of our final practices. It's a cover of a Z-Phantom 4 track...which is, does that count as a cover if it's his own material? - C. Reid

Swordfish II - Follow (anti-G Remix)
Regarding Follow Remix, I went looking for the original tracks to pick out some of the nuances, but it looks as though it was yet another victim of Western Digital quality control. Have I mentioned that they are motherfuckers? Well, it bears repeating... What I remember was that Doug did most of it and then gave it to me and I added the main sample- an edited version of the Royal Tenenbaums post suicide attempt scene. I had to run the sample through a few filters in an effort to get rid of the two Rolling Stones songs that play underneath the scene which only sort of worked. I also moved some of Doug's samples around slightly and tweaked levels. I like it and I remember taking it to work and playing it for Doug and he liked it too, so there you go. - V. Hernandez

Blind Dog - My Blues
Blind Dog is the lead bottle player in the Hound Dog Blues Revue. This rare archival solo recording was made in October 93 during his brief electric period. I think the guitar was tuned with the A string dropped to G and the E string dropped down to C, but I could be mistaken. It was 15 years ago, after-all. - C. Reid