Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dear Customer

More Bullshit

Thank you for your e-mail. Effective immediately the VOOM HD line-up can no longer be viewed by our customers. DISH Network continues to be the leader in providing the best movies, sports and entertainment in High Definition. In order to provide you with top quality entertainment, DISH Network continually evaluates and at times, makes changes to our channel line-up. We plan to use this opportunity to introduce exciting new HD channels offering a breadth and depth of programming that better complements our already robust HD offerings.
DISH Network understands it may feel like DISH is removing your favorite programming, but check out the comparable HD programming that is available!
VOOM Channel
Alternative Programming
Channel #
Monsters HD
Chiller (Only available in SD)
Rave HD
Rush HD
Universal HD, HD Net
9427, 9422
Specific HD Movies
HD Net Movies, Universal HD, and Premiums in HD
9423, 9427

Also check out the following exciting new channels that will be available in the DISH HD Package!
· ABC Family HD (DISH Network Ch. 180)
· Biography HD (Ch. 119)
· Bravo HD (Ch. 129)
· Cartoon HD (Ch. 176)
· Cinemax 5 Star (Ch. 381)
· Cinemax HD West (Ch. 380)
· Comcast Sports Network Bay Area HD (Ch. 419)*
· Comcast Sports Network New England HD (Ch. 435)*
· CNBC HD (Ch. 208)
· CNN HD (Ch. 200)
· Disney HD East (Ch. 172)
· ESPNews HD (Ch. 142)
· Hallmark Movie Channel HD (Ch. 187)
· MGM HD (Ch. 385)
· Sci Fi HD (Ch. 122)
· Smithsonian HD (Ch. 374)
· Tennis Channel HD (Ch. 400)
· Toon Disney HD (Ch. 174)
· Travel Channel HD (Ch. 215)
· USA HD (Ch. 105)
· Weather Channel HD (Ch. 214)
· World Fishing Network HD (Ch. 396)

*Launch Wednesday, May 14

Watch for even more high definition channels over the upcoming weeks as DISH Network grows to over 100 national HD channels by end of year. For additional information please visit HYPERLINK "" Thank you for being a DISH Network customer.

Your business is greatly appreciated and we thank you for allowing us to be of assistance to you. If you have any further questions or concerns, please refer to or reply to this email.


DISH Network E-Care

I like the part where they recommend a standard definition channel to replace Monsters HD. Thanks guys.
Also: "DISH Network understands it may feel like DISH is removing your favorite programming" - It not only FEELS like you are, you actually HAVE removed them.
Even better is the fact that EchoStar owns VOOM's satellite.
This is why we can't have nice things.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dish Network drops VOOM HD


Dear Dish Network,
Why have you removed the VOOM Channels from the HD lineup? Those channels were one of the primary reasons we upgraded to your HD package. While they had their problems - mainly a seemingly small selection of programming at any given time - they were the channels I watched most. Many of your other "HD" channels merely stretched standard 4x3 programming to fill the 16x9 frame, or just crop the tops and bottoms of 4x3 shows. Now I see there are more sports channels (including Tennis and Golf channels?) - which I'm not interested in - and a Weather Channel HD...but Monsters HD, Kung Fu HD, and Rave are not popular? And The Fishing Network? Really? Please re-instate the VOOM channels.