Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dish Network drops VOOM HD


Dear Dish Network,
Why have you removed the VOOM Channels from the HD lineup? Those channels were one of the primary reasons we upgraded to your HD package. While they had their problems - mainly a seemingly small selection of programming at any given time - they were the channels I watched most. Many of your other "HD" channels merely stretched standard 4x3 programming to fill the 16x9 frame, or just crop the tops and bottoms of 4x3 shows. Now I see there are more sports channels (including Tennis and Golf channels?) - which I'm not interested in - and a Weather Channel HD...but Monsters HD, Kung Fu HD, and Rave are not popular? And The Fishing Network? Really? Please re-instate the VOOM channels.


Art said...

I was so close to becomming a dish network customer as I have been watching Voom HD at my brothers house now that they removed Voom HD I would never consider them now or in future! They only have 80 HD as they removed the 15 Voom HD and they claim 22 new, which brings them to 80 HD. Directv has 90 at a lower price. Dish's new HD is not clear as many are upconverted content and not true HD. Also many are channels most would never watch like the cartoon channel, weather channel, etc. I was going to switch purely for the Voom HD which has 15 no commercial channels with original shows that you can not find anywhere else!

Dish you made a dumb move that will cost you both existing customers and prospective customers.

RichardF said...

Its about quality not quantity! They market a lot of BS like right now they say they are the leaders in HD and have added 22 new channels? Reality the dropped 15 of the best HD channels on the market, namely Voom HD. What did they replace? well 7 new channels with real winners like the cartoon network and the weather channel. The others are already in SD and not very good channels plus most of the entire 22 are up converted weak and nowhere near VOOM HD quality!

They can add more and more crap and without quality like VOOM HD channels there is no reason to stay with dish as Directv is better and cheaper! Right now Directv has 90 HD and dish 80 at a lot more. I checked my price and I would save over 40% with directv! Why give money to a company that treats is HD customers like crap by dropping VOOM HD and cleary not asking us! We HD VOOM users pay the most per month and what they shape their weak programming around people whom spent 29-39 bucks a month? I pay about $130 a month!

Drop dish!