Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Well, 20 years seems like a nice round number.

On November 6, 1992, I recorded my first 4-track tape. It was a demo of what would eventually become Playing With Fire.  On November 6, 2012 The Sirago 17 has been put into cryogenic hibernation.

Thanks to the following people for assisting in achieving something reasonably close to my vision:

Elli Reid
Pablo Rossetti
Vance Hernandez
Ryan Wynn
Chris Barrus
Robert Brown
David Chang
Ken Glass
Darwood Klaswell
Justin Allen
Rachel Ervin
Jack Kilby

And thanks to Valis, Keisha and DJ Stodmeister for spreading the word.

I'm sure I've forgotten someone who deserves a thank you, so thank YOU, too!
I wonder what (if anything) will come next....

-Chris Reid
Clovis, CA