Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Gazer was originally recorded 26-27 Jan 1994 on 4-track cassette in The Bedroom, Clovis, CA - literally, my bedroom. The riff to this came together via inner-worldy means. It wasn't until about 6 months or so after  I had recorded it that I actually found it (near as I can tell, it was recorded sometime AFTER 11/20/93, as that was the date on the track just before it on the tape). Then, while listening to "Touch The Stars" by Spectrum, Elli and I started free-forming lyrics and came up with these. Thus, our (so far) only co-writing credit. Due to a temperamental tape machine, when I first started mixing this song, the second half got all warbly, so only the "fragment" version was originally released. First on the Bedspsins cassette (ROT 002 - released 29 April 1995), then the CD-R re-issue from 1999, then finally on Bedspins EP 2 (ROT-NL-002 - released 9 January 2010).

I later mixed the entire song in 1999 for CDR1, "A collection of uncollected recordings made during long periods of inactivity." The current mix was done July 27, 2010 and the song now resides in all its glory on 1992-1997 - An Explosion In Slow Motion (ROT-NL-12001 - released 12 January 2012) .


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bedspins (Remix) which we have a new (soon to be abandoned) series of pieces regarding the origin of the recordings of The Sirago 17 (and maybe other things I've been a part of)...

If you've heard of The Sirago 17 at all, then you've heard this song (or some variation thereof).

This particular version was originally recorded on the 10th of January, 1995 on ADAT by Bob Moon at Moonsong Studios, Riverside, CA. There were two mixes done. The first mix, I felt, had the vocals sitting too high. I thought they needed to be brought back in the mix like another instrument. So, we made another mix. Unfortunately, some of the panning and effects didn't get reset or something, so that got lost. I didn't notice until it was too late. Bummer.

This became "Bedspins (Mustang Version)" and was released on the Tooth And Nail Records compilation @rt ©ore, Volume 1 (TND 1018) a little later that same year (I think around the same time as the below-mentioned cassette, or just after). 

When I was putting together our first cassette (naturally called Bedspins), I ran the mixdown through an effects unit and added some preset flange/delay/reverb. That became "Bedspins (Mustang Version Remix). This was released on the original Bedspsins cassette (ROT 002 - released 29 April 1995) and later appeared on the No-Fi Records compilation The DroneOn Compilation (no cat #) in 1996.
Bedspins was re-issued (in a manner of speaking) on CD-R in 1999 with bonus tracks.

Finally, we have a hybrid of the 2 with new effects added here and there. Remastered from the original 2 track mixdown cassette between 15 and 31 May 2009. (The tape got eaten at the beginning, unfortunately, so I had to take chunks of the instrumental bits from the version 2 and the vocal bits from version 1).
First released on Bedspins EP1 (ROT-NL-001 - released 9 January 2010), and currently on 1992-1997 - An Explosion In Slow Motion (ROT-NL-12001 - released 12 January 2012) .

Art Core Vol 1, Droneon Comp, and early rejected covers for Bespins - I can't find the folder that has the actual cover in it anywhere in this mess of an archive.
*The subtitle "Mustang Version" came about because the final home demo I recorded before the studio version was recorded with a borrowed Fender Mustang. Unfortunately, the father of the kid who owned it wouldn't let him loan it to me for the recording. But the name stuck. It seems there are a few things in the recorded history of The Sirago 17 that are confusingly and inaccurately named, much to my faulty memory's chagrin.