Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Maiya's current fave raves

Thus far, I've concluded Maiya likes the following albums:
Brian Eno: Discreet Music
Nick Drake: Time Of No Reply
Spiritualized: Lazer Guided Melodies
Cocteau Twins: Victorialand
(OK, I don't know if she actually likes this one or not, but this is what was playing when she was birthed so I'm including it)

She also grooved along with Stereolab's "Metronomic Underground" and Monster Magnet's "Tab...25" without complaining, so I'll conclude that those are A-OK, too.

I wish I had a caption that befitted this gem of a snapshot...


Anonymous said...

I think the caption to Maiya's new picture is this: "Oh my gosh! This is what I came out of the womb for?"

Anonymous said...

dang....I thought I voided all the meconium yesterday!