Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Name dropped by Charlie Huston

So, Charlie Huston is current fave author*. (See previous blog entry)
I e-mailed him and told him so.
He seemed to dig that.
He also seemed to dig the picture of our Maiya and her early sign language skills.
Go buy his books. Read them. Love them.
He's also doing a run of Moon Knight for Marvel. (I really hope it's coming out as Trade, because I just can't do the montly comic thing anymore...I get into too much trouble) » Blog Archive » Subject of the Jam - The Official Charlie Huston Website: "What’s That Smell?"

I don’t know what the guys at are up to, but I think we should all be afraid. Especially of this young lady. Good to see the youth of America have at least one bright spot lighting the road ahead.

*He nudges out Thomas Ligotti only barely, and by virtue of readability and availability - because let's face it, Mr Ligotti's stuff is very stylized and is just sometimes too much work. It's very rewarding, but still... and next to nothing is in print at any one time...

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