Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome to Sucksville: The Mostly Useless Rotting America Podcast (Now with 33% More Less!!)

Rotting Audio Sound Recordings - The Podcast

Podcast #1 (in which Doris gets her oats) (31'13")
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  • August 20, 2008
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The Sirago 17 - Bedspins (M3 Demo)
Recorded during the peak of my Brad Laner 4-Track Distortion phase. I really have no idea how some of these sounds were created, as they're not on the individual tracks. I think there was even a 4th verse buried at the end somewhere. I really don't remember. This was later re-recorded more conventionally and included on the Tooth And Nail Records ArtCore Compilation and, in a slightly remixed form, on the No-Fi Records DroneOn Compilation. - C. Reid

Twin Cam Akiko - Look Alive
I don't remember much about this at all. As a matter of fact, this is one of my songs that I didn't have until this here podcast. I vaguely remember Chris and/or Vance asking me to write something for the website, but that's about it. I also remember that the entire thing was done on Fruity Loops - and it was recorded at my old apartment in Clovis, Ca. It's about a robot wanting to be a real person. A SF Pinocchio story. I am incredibly interested in A. I., simulacra, and the fiction of Philip K. Dick, and it seems likely that this song was inspired by things such as these. - D. Davis

I Am Not The Janitor - The Sun Doesn't Seem So Far
Written after reading an interview with Wayne Coyne, of Flaming Lips fame, a huge influence on my own music. He said that he was not mad, nor on drugs, yet. I like the inclusion of the word "yet." Robert Anton Wilson once said that the word "yet" is an important word because it leaves open the possibility of something to happen; it turns a negative into a positive. "I have not found the Chupacabra," becomes "I have not found the Chupacabra, yet!" - D. Davis

Inhale - A Strangely Shining Light
I'm proud of this one. I like the guitar tone, the riffs, and the little ad-libs that lead into the "chorus". The guitar that ends the song was recorded a few days after the main part of the song was completed. After realizing that the song needed that tag on the end, I quickly made up the guitar part, ran through it a couple times, and recorded it then and there. It shows- it's a little bit shaky. The voice is a reading of the short story "Sredni Vashtar" that is shortened, processed, and rearranged to fit somewhat on the drum beats. There was a version of this song that included bass as played by Dan Davis, however, it was lost due to hard drive failure. God bless you Western Digital, you fuckers. - V. Hernandez

The Sirago 17 - Dreams
I decided once that I wanted to record a rainstorm. Years later, I went to use it and discovered I had, in the interim, recorded a guitar solo on another track. I really don't remember, but it's a very soothing number. - C. Reid

Inhale - Crawl, Claw, And Scrape
This track was created by taking my portable recorder and letting the microphone hang near my feet as I walked to a nearby field and proceeded to dig in the ground with a small shovel. Oh what a sight that must have been- good thing I did it under cover of night. At 1:00 in the morning. Nope, nothing odd about that at all... The text near the end is part of something I wrote while living in a lousy apartment in between two batshit crazy neighbors: "I live next door to nothing / I hate my neighbors / sometimes I can feel the crawling / and clawing / and scraping / and the bugs starting to take over." Good times, good times. - V. Hernandez

Fight Song - Rotting America
My brother and I on a Bacardi evening....paying tribute it makes a really great song title! - J. Kilby

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