Thursday, December 23, 2004

Action Dude! at

'Action Dude' is based on the late 70's famous skate star TONY ALVA

Apparently he's a werewolf.

Where do they get such wonderful toys?

Other Specifications :
Remarks : wearing a Vans OLD SKOOL sneaker and comes with a 70's skateboard!!

Sensasian tends to take FOREVER to load. But, they have some neat stuff and decent prices. (Well, that Tony Alva thing is pretty pricey, but it IS limited edition and all...) I ordered the standard edition of Infernal Affairs III from them, and they ended up sending me the boxset. So that was cool.

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SewAge42 said...

That's rad, Chris!...ah, to be a young toy collector spending the parent's art school money!

I;m getting a Flog together so I dont have to, like, say anything...I'll send you the address once it's got some stuff -

Take care and Happy New Year!