Saturday, December 04, 2004

Shaolin Shuffle

In honor of our Dan's new blog, Shaolin Shuffle, I present to you a paragraph of vaguely incoherent gibberish.

This hour which maintains is afternoon of Saturday and Elli is having a bowl of hair in the sleep chamber. We have begun hardly rewatching Buffy the slayer of vampire it with the beginning. Perhaps late we'll that happened they go obtain a sure one to you chicken, are received, which the cockerel his complete surplus of movies, that will hold DVD and highly also continuing with. And with the baby, who comes now that even fewer serums with purchase drawer with buying. But really, how differently we are that the child go to the school intrigued as otherwise dances in the wonders that is cinematography? We can't let be teh child only to grow to develop itself in on only current drawer of success plays Hollywood, are possible us? I mean, that's such as a regular diet of Fiddle Faddle and RC Kola Fluffer usefulness-delicate ones. Or malnutritious it somewhat straight. Yours assumes. Fortune teller. Isn't of people?

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