Thursday, January 13, 2005

Another State of Mind

Another State of Mind is finally on DVD

It's on my Wish List. Buy it for me!


SewAge42 said...

Did I ever tell you about the time I hung out with Mike Ness in Denny's in San Jose?

"No Commander, you haven't, but..."

The year was 1982, there I was, surrounded by
Social Distortion and Mike was nodding on junk and
eating sugar packets...

"Really Commander, I haven't time...I must be going"

Does anyone even remember Commander McBragg?

sirago17 said...

Good Lord, man!
Maximum Rock N Roll, Helios Creed, Mike Ness....who else?
Uh, Commander McBragg?
Oh yeah! I 'member.

SewAge42 said...

Oh I got more...but the years have been cruel...

Lesser-known but iconic (and Tamara knew him too)Ricky Williams of the Sleepers (underrated Gods) asked me to ask the cornerstore clerk for a cup of pus. I did.

Hmmm... I hung out in KFC with Lee Ving and Flea (he did a brief stint in Fear)not too interesting..

I stole Chuck Dukowski's leather at a gig in 1980 but put it back when the (deleted) wore off.

Oh, I stole the unopened beer right out of Keith Morris' hand onstage, midsong, lost it in the pit AND found it again! -Highpoint!

duuude, I burned with HR.

Oh yeah Jello and I accidentally ate pit bull food sandwiches (well the pot of noodles and beef on the stove looked good), that preachy wanker.

Please don't show this to Becky, ok?

sirago17 said...

Becky who?


(nudge nudge wink wink say no more)