Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bruce Campbell or Foghat Tickets

Bruce "Don't Call Me Ash" Campbell found himself in Fresno last night. He signed the paperback release of his book "Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way - the Director's Cut" and answered a bunch of inane and, in some cases, insulting questions from the crowd:
Will you father my children? (Why, you shooting blanks?)
My friend is $137 in the hole. Can you loan him some money? (Tell your friend to shove it!)
But he still sat there for hours and hours and hours signing books and DVD covers, and other assorted crap and giving the glad hand to a bunch of mouth breathing chuckleheads with all the patience of a saint.

While we waited and waited and waited, a woman approached and asked Vance what we were waiting in line for.
"Foghat tickets."
She bought it for a second.
"Oh, Foghat....wait, what?!?"
", it's an author doing a signing. Bruce Campbell..."
"Bruce Campbell?"
She shrugged and went about her business.
We larfed.

Finally, around 10:30pm, we made it to the front of the line.
When it was my turn, Bruce interviewed me:
BC: So, what's up? What's up in Fresno?
Me: being in Fresno!
BC: But enough about me! What about you? What do you do?
Me: Uh....I, at a job I don't really like...
BC: What do you do?
Me: Uh....I, uh....analyze sales tax data.......uh......
BC: I can see why you don't like it. What do you want to do?
Me: Uh....I, uh.....want to be a librarian....uh....
BC: Well, get to it!!
Me: I will! Thanks for coming to Fresno...
I say Bruce Campbell is A-OK


Whilst there, I also picked up the new Charlie Huston book, "A Dangeroud Man" - the final book in the Henry Thompson trilogy, and the latest Haruki Murakami hardcover, Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman - a collection of short stories.

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