Thursday, September 07, 2006

Every time I pre-order a damned book...

Thomas Ligotti and Teatro Grottesco

There were some problems with the printing of some of the initial pages; consequently they are being reprinted, which means we expect to have the book in about 3 to 4 weeks time. We apologise for the delay with this publication which is out of our hands.

The last Thomas Ligotti book I pre-ordered - "My Work Is Not Yet Done" - was delayed. Previous to that, the Takashi Miike biography "Agitator - The Cinema of Takashi Miike" was delayed - I ended up having to cancel it from Amazon because they kept delaying it, and ordered it from Last Gasp. "Mario Bava – All the Colors of the Dark" by Tim Lucas was pre-ordered for my 30th birthday. I'm no longer 30. Not even close. I think Mr Lucas is aiming for the end of this year finally, but we shall see....we shall see.

I wonder if my man Charlie Huston's new book, A Dangerous Man, is on schedule...maybe I should pre-order it and fuck that all up, eh?

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